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The founding publishers of the Reverse mortgage weekly newspaper is made up of four individuals who are well grounded in reverse mortgage and publishing. Together they created the concept for The Reverse Mortgage Weekly Newspaper. The newspaper is now accredited as the official news journal in the reverse mortgage industry. The weekly journal is circulated via emails to an expanding subscribers list with some printed copies also in circulation. Below are the Publishers of the Reverse Mortgage Weekly Newspaper.

Adam Chester is an experienced reverse mortgage practitioner with over 20 years practice in the reverse mortgage industry to his name. He has a first degree in Insurance and Mortgage, an MBA in Finance and is a member of a number of high profile reverse mortgage organizations. He has also sat as a board member of the Reverse Mortgage Practitioners for two terms of one year each (2001, 2004) and helped develop at least one reverse mortgage calculator. He is happily married with a wife and 3 children.

James Saluda holds a first degree in finance and a degree in financial reporting apart from other qualifications. He worked for 8 years with the prestigious Financial Monthly Watch journal and went on to the head of the mortgage division. His articles have won him a number of awards and laurels. His experience in financial reporting is invaluable. James Saluda is happily married to Dr Jane Saluda.

Dr. Samantha Davidson taught mortgage and other finance subjects in any number of Universities before she finally went into reverse mortgage practice. She worked with a high profile mortgage establishment for about 8 years before she retired. She presently works as a reverse mortgage consultant and is specifically interested in helping senior citizens reach sound reverse mortgage decisions and qualify for reverse mortgage loans. She is widowed with two children.

The last member of the publisher board is Dr. Allan Henderson who still currently teaches reverse mortgage and other financial courses to his students. Dr Allan has written two published books on reverse mortgages and several papers on the subject. Dr. Allan is presently divorced.  


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